About Us


Andrew and Amber Olafsson

Andrew Olafsson is a husband, dad, speaker, and lover of people. After being in construction for over 19 years, building homes for others, in 2018 He felt a call to shift into building God's house. Amber Olafsson is a wife, mama, author of THE AWESOME ONE, speaker, and publisher. She is passionate about connecting people to God and as the owner (and dreamer) of UNITED HOUSE Publishing, she helps others find their voice and publish their stories. Andrew and Amber live in the Charlotte area with their three full-of-life kids: Drew, Emma, and Jack. They are both passionate about unity (and REALLY good coffee) and they love to see people walk in the true freedom only God can give.  In 2018 they founded United House Ministries, and together with their team are on mission to bring full freedom to the individual, and complete unity to the body of Christ. 


United House Team

Our amazing team helps us plan, pray for, and put on 'Freedom Nights.' We are different ages and ethnicities, coming from diverse denominations and backgrounds—all UNITED in Jesus.


United House Worship

Our passionate worship leaders and musicians lead our time of praise at 'Freedom Nights.' Our worship team attend various churches across Charlotte, NC. We have differences but are One in Christ. 


The Bible

The Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible are true, complete and God-breathed, without error and are the foundation of our faith and the authority on which we live by.


Our God is one, existing as three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, is the Son of God.


In His grace and love, God the Father sent Jesus to be the propitiation for our sins. Through Jesus' finished work of the cross, He bought our redemption and forgiveness, and He has made all who believe in Him as Savior the righteousness of God. 


Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. We confess the truth of Jesus dying on the cross and repent of our sins, believe he rose from the dead, and have faith He will come again. It is through Jesus that God has given us the gift of Salvation. 

The Holy Spirit

By surrendering to the Holy Spirit's leading in all aspects of our lives, He continually empowers us for ministry and transforms us to the image of Christ.

Spiritual Growth

We grow spiritually by connecting with the source of all life, God the Father, and growing in relationship with Jesus Christ, through reading and obeying God’s word.

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